CPR Technology & Service is a System Programming and IT Solution company, established in 2018. We are a full service digital IT product and Online Marketing Agency take believes in e-commerce businesses booming globally as people shift their spending habits towards online platforms. On our system, more than 26 languages up to choose.

We provide service such as: making Webpages, Android and IOS phone software application systems, customizing programing, smart phone application programing and any Digital Marketing activities. 

Our Signature Product:

  1. Application Development

  2. E-commerce - CPR Webstore

  3. Digital Marketing- i尚网

  4. CPR Mall

Our Vision and Mission:

  • To guarantee high quality mobile apps with lowest and reasonable price that every merchant can afford to purchase and consume. 

  • To distribute high quality mobile apps to different merchant with professional up-to-date skills and technology 

  • To be one of the leading company in technology and mobile apps industry by providing various system. 

  • Aim to make our “CPR mall” brand a household word throughout the world. 



“Make a Change, Feel Different” 

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